[Mono-list] Mod_mono stops responding (503 Service Unavailable)

Lauri Kotilainen rytmis at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 02:44:58 EDT 2008

Hey, all.

We've recently deployed an application for internal use hosted on
Apache 2.2 and mod_mono. The same application behaves fine on another,
nearly identical VMWare image, but on the production server image the
app periodically stops responding, with Apache throwing a 503 Service
Unavailable at us. The only way to get things back up is to reboot
Apache. The really funny bit is that Apache logs show nothing
interesting during the time of the problem.

The only notable difference I can think of between the two
environments is that in production, we use mod_ssl and in the test
environment we don't. So I'm inclined to ask if there are known
problems with mod_mono and mod_ssl, and if so, how would I go about
solving them? I'm thinking one option would be to set up a standalone
XSP2 with Apache proxying requests to it.

I'm going to set up SSL in the test environment to see if we can
reproduce the issue in a controlled way and then report my findings.
Just thought I'd drop a line to see if anyone else is familiar with
this issue.

Lauri Kotilainen
Email: rytmis at gmail.com

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