[Mono-list] How do you manually install the runtime environment of Mono on Windows (Vista)?

Daniel Morgan monodanmorg at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 5 14:43:31 EST 2008

Use the Windows Installer on a test/development
machine.  Install to a path like C:\mono-1.2.6

Do not install in a path like C:\Program

Zip up the results.  

The problem with a manual install is that the
installer generates scripts based on your installation
path.  The installer also generates the proper
pkg-config pc files found at in your

And last, the installer adds a registry key for
novell/mono so 3rd party applications can find the
default mono installation.  The installer may add a
registry key for gtk+ and gtk# as well.

With understanding the above, copy the zip file to
another test machine.  Unzip and try to run on mono on
the 2nd test machine.

This is where virtual machines will come in handy for
you.  You create a virtual machine once.  For each
test, copy the virtual machine file, start the virtual
machine, copy over and unzip mono, test mono.

--- Michael Roach <michael.roach at progenymedia.com>

> Hi,
> A project that I'm involved with has a requirement
> to provide a GUI with database connectivity to users
> while running in WinPE 2.0 (the preboot environment
> released with Vista). This can be done today in
> MFC/C++ (hard) but I'd much rather work in C# and
> WinForms (easy).
> Can anyone provide instructions on what is necessary
> to manually install Mono in a Windows environment? I
> only need the runtime environment of Mono and I
> cannot use the installers provided by Novell.
> Thanks!!
> Michael

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