[Mono-list] Mono VM security (like SecurityManager in java)

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Jun 22 14:11:47 EDT 2008

> I would like to restrict the file access, sockets capabilities, etc of the
> mono vm so the app (untrusted code) cannot access resources that I do not
> want it it.

In short: today this is not possible with Mono.

NET provides this functionality as part of its Code Access Security
Framework (CAS).   But Mono does not implement or support CAS.

There is a new model under development, much simpler, but that does not
offer all the flexibility of CAS and is intended to be used with
Silverlight.    We are working on this framework, and will be ready to
use when Silverlight 2.0 is ready to go out.


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