[Mono-list] how to use 'Conversions.ToInteger' in mono?

Josh Hammond jhammond at external.fwmail.org
Sat Jun 21 06:04:23 EDT 2008

Hey guys.
I am trying, for the first time, to port a win c# application to a linux
The code is used to access a usb sensor that acts as a rs-232 device, so I
figured out that it is something doable even on linux.
But I also need to perform a binary->decimal conversion.

When working in MS environment I just used
Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices which, AFAIK, isn't available in
The function I need to port is:

private static double Bin2Dec(String strBin)
                double lDec = 0.0;
                if (strBin == null || strBin.Length == 0)
                    strBin = "0";
                double lCount = Strings.Len(strBin);
                double t_double = lCount;
                for (double i = 1.0; i <= t_double; i++)
                    lDec += Conversions.ToInteger(Strings.Left(strBin, 1))
* Math.Pow(2.0, (double)(Strings.Len(strBin) - 1));
                    strBin = Strings.Right(strBin, Strings.Len(strBin) - 1);
                return lDec;
            catch (Exception) { }

            return double.MinValue;

Anyone has any suggestions on how to implent this in a way that works on


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