[Mono-list] gmcs can't find elemements

Mathias Tausig mtausig at fsmat.at
Mon Jun 16 06:16:34 EDT 2008


I am using monodevelop to create a gtk application using the
"gtk-sharp-2.10" plugin (to make it usable in windows). That worked well,
before I wanted to use the GLib.UnhandledExceptionHandler.

For some reason, I get a compilation error "The type or namespace name
`UnhandledExceptionArgs' does not exist in the namespace `GLib'. Are you
missing an assembly reference?(CS0234)", even tough the reference to
glib-sharp is there.

And when I look into the glib-sharp.dll that is installed in my gac as
version 2.10 with monodis, the "missing" type can be found there.

If I change the refrence to glib-sharp-2.12, everything compiles fine.


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