[Mono-list] Fwd: Mono/Visual Studio Team Suite 2008 Giveaway

Tom Opgenorth opgenorth at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 21:14:31 EDT 2008

(Realized that I forgot to cross post this to the Mono list this morning...)

Hello all,

I happen to have a complimentary copy/license of Microsoft Visual
Studio Team Suite 2008 with MSDN Premium.  I figured that I would
follow the lead of a colleague of mine, and give away one of these
licenses to a contributor of an OSS project, in this case, Mono, with
the aim of hopefully encouraging more community involvement in Mono.

I was thinking that perhaps the current committers have the best sense
of the Mono contributors and their efforts, so I like to propose maybe
running a contest, start and end to be determined.  At the end of the
contest, the commiters would vote on the contributions during that
time period, and then I would send the VSTS2008 license to the
contributor with the most votes (I'll cover the cost of shipping).

About the only restriction that I would place is that I'd like the
recipient of the license to be "independent", that is to say, not
employed by Novell.

How does this sound to everyone?  I'm open to suggestions, ideas,
comments, so if you have any, please speak up.



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