[Mono-list] Delphi to Mono Port?

Lauri Kotilainen rytmis at rytmis.net
Sun Jun 8 05:24:40 EDT 2008


> Hello All.  I am contemplating porting a server-side Delphi application (no
> UI but making extensive use of interfaces and with a very clean object
> hierarchy) to Mono with a view to running it on Linux boxes.  I stumbled
> into Mono whilst in the process of looking at C# since I know that a Delphi
> to C# port is easy - but would leave me stuck with a Windows server.
> How feasible would a Delphi to Mono port be?  I would much appreciate any
> advice.

Mono is an implementation of the runtime, not a new language -- if you
make a C# port that doesn't rely too much on native code by way of
P/Invoke, you should be able to compile run the app on Mono too.

You can use MoMA (http://www.mono-project.com/MoMA) to check if your
code uses a part of .NET that isn't implemented in Mono.

RemObjects Oxygene
is an Object Pascal implementation that claims Mono support, you might
be interested in that too.

Lauri Kotilainen
rytmis at rytmis.net

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