[Mono-list] DataGridViewTextBoxColumn ignores "Visible" property?

Rick Hornsby rhornsby at weldoninc.com
Fri Jun 6 12:07:35 EDT 2008

> Your forum link is for DataGrid, not DataGridView.

Sorry.  I'm a web programmer (Perl, PHP, etc) trying to play in someone
else's sandbox.

> DataGridView has been in heavy development since 1.9.  I think this is
> one of the things I have implemented since then.  You can try building
> the latest source from SVN, or if that is too hard, you can send a
> small
> test case and I will verify that it works with the stuff that will
> in Mono 2.0.

I compiled from source both mono-105158.tar.bz2 and
monodevelop-105157.tar.bz2 and make them both go into
/usr/local/mono-2.0 to keep from blowing away the existing installation
or hopefully expecting one version and getting the other.  I opened the
attached test app with monodevelop (/usr/local/mono-2.0/bin/monodevelop)
opened the solution, and after getting rid of some of the dependency
complaints (linq, etc) ran the app.  It ran, but with the same behavior
as before - ignoring the visibility toggle.

*However* what I can't seem to find is where in monodevelop I set the
option to use a specific compiler in a specific place.  I found the
Project Options > Build > General > Runtime version selector, but that
doesn't seem to be it.

The attached example "solution" is basically what I'm trying to do -
toggle the checkbox and it should toggle the visibility of the column in
the datagrid widget.

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