[Mono-list] Help for porting: VC# 2008 express binaries crashing when run by mono

Jonathan Pobst monkey at jpobst.com
Fri Jun 6 11:41:19 EDT 2008

I've attached the relevant data from your .resx file.  A quick guess 
says it's probably using a culture that uses comma separators instead of 
decimal points for numbers, and our code is not international-proof.

This should be pretty easy to fix.  Either Andy or I will probably get 
to it in the next couple of days.

Thanks for sending your files!

herenvardo wrote:
> Andy Hume wrote:
>> I think I've found the problem -- it depends on a MSFT bug that creates
>> bad content.   To check that it's the same fault, I'd need to see the
>> input XML.  Rather than dealing with debuggers (eek) can you just search
>> all the files in the project for XML starting with element
>> TableLayoutSettings.
> Search found 0 matches :(. I tried for both "<TableLayout" and
> ":TableLayout" (just for case the xml uses some namespaces), ignoring case,
> looking through all the files within my solution's folder (including
> subfolders, hidden & system stuff, and so on). Removing the "<" or the ":"
> at the beginning (just looking for raw text, regardless of it's actually
> XML) yields some results (both .resx XML files and .cs code files); but
> searching for "TableLayoutSettings" doesn't find anything.
> My best guess is that the exact XML input passed to the crashing function is
> generated "on-the-fly" from the properties and all other details about the
> panel, during execution. (Otherwise, the "TableLayoutSettings" string should
> appear, at least, somewhere within the .dll and/or .exe files).
> Andy Hume wrote:
>> I don't really understand where MSFT uses this content, if not in the
>> .Designer file, then probably in a .resx file.  Did the project start out
>> in VS2008, or maybe in VS2003?  I can't get VS2005 to create such content.
> The whole solution initially started as a VC# 2005 Express solution; and was
> upgraded to 2008 as soon as I got the final version of the new IDE. A few
> weeks ago, I switched it from targeting the .NET 2.0 to .NET 3.5, with the
> aim of defining some extension methods. For what it matters, most of the
> code (including the parts causing the problem, which are quite recent), has
> been developed under VC# 2008 Express.
> If you want to check them, I'm attaching the two .cs files (my code and the
> .Designer.cs), and the resx files for the UserControl that is raising the
> issue:  http://www.nabble.com/file/p17694700/spell.zip spell.zip . (The
> actual application is a mere wrapping just to test that control).
> Andrus Moor-2 wrote:
>> Even free C# Express 2008 allows to step into MS System.Windows.Forms.dll
>> source code.
>> Maybe we can use instructions from
>> http://www.codeproject.com/KB/dotnet/netmassdownloader.aspx
>> to debug MONO SWF source also. 
> Rather that saying that the Express edition "allows" stepping into that
> code, it'd be more accurate that this article provides a workaround to
> enable that.
> Anyway, I've tried the downloader and got lots of 404 errors while trying to
> fetch the sources. I haven't been able to step into the calls that pass the
> relevant xml data, but will keep trying to get it working.
> Andreas Färber wrote:
>> You can always resort to Console.WriteLine. :-)
> Of course... If you know it, could you please me how can I make .NET's own
> code to call WriteLine when I want to and with the arguments I'd want? If
> you take a look at the traceback I attached on my previous post, you'd find
> that it's not directly my code, but a function from the Framework, which
> throws the exception. The key of the issue seems to be the XmlDocument
> passed to that function, and it's not passed from my code, but from other
> functions within the framework. Of the 34 calls on that trace, only the 7 at
> the bottom are actually part of my own code; the problem is manifesting on
> the top call, and its source is somewhere between those 27 calls I have no
> control over.
> Actually, I think I've just come up with some answer to my own question "how
> can I make .NET's own code to call WriteLine when I want to and with the
> arguments I'd want?"... which involves a lot of reflection and even more
> headaches. I'll try to use reflection to "dig" into these calls and retrieve
> that fatal XmlDocument argument; I will update this thread if I'm able to
> get it.

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