[Mono-list] Help for porting: VC# 2008 express binaries crashing when run by mono

herenvardo herenvardo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 14:31:06 EDT 2008

I'll try to be short and concise: a few months ago I started developing a
project in Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition, with the idea of making
it Mono-compatible. In order to achieve that goal, I have been checking Mono
project's progress on this site frequently, and kept running MoMA checks on
all my assemblies at least once a week. Now that some pieces of the project
start holding together, I've started some testing:
On .NET (3.5 upon Win XP Home SP3), the application runs fine, besides some
minor glitches (like "added the wrong icon to that menu" or "forgot to
localize the 'Filter' property for this SaveDialog", but no serious errors
until now.
Running MoMA on these assemblies only mentions a few ToDo's about the
TextBoxBase.Undo() method and the auto-complete stuff on combo-boxes: these
are useful features, but no critical after all (and chances are high that
Mono 2.0 would be out there before I make a first "stable" release).
Trying to run the applicantion on Mono (1.9.1, upon the same Win system)
with a command like:
mono myProgram.exe
apparently does nothing. When I found about the -v switch, I got what I'd
guess is an exception's traceback, mentioning calls to
OutOfMemoryException's, NullReferenceException's and
StackOverflowException's constructors: this cannot be good at all.
I have tried a few helloworld-like programs, to make sure that mono was
working properly, and they ran fine.

I have absolutelly no previous experience with Mono, and very limited
experience with non-Windows systems (except some DOS tinkering long ago), so
I'm completelly lost. I have no idea about how to debug the assembly in mono
(ie: try to see what's causing these exceptions), nor even how to compile my
project using mono's compiler instead of Microsoft's (maybe the visual
compiler is doing something weird). Worst of all (the previous would be
actually good otherwise, since it's a chance to learn and a challenge), I've
been unable to find any sources about these "basic" topics on the web, such
as tutorials, faqs, troubleshooting examples... absolutely nothing after 3
hours of googling.
So, could someone please point me to any resource to, at least, get started
in the topic?

Thanks in advance, both on my part and on that of any "non-Windowed"
potential user for my project.

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