[Mono-list] Compile mono 1.9.1 for arm linux

Tim timcussins at eml.cc
Thu Jul 24 11:25:42 EDT 2008

Hi Michael,

On Thu, 2008-07-24 at 10:52 -0400, Chen, Michael (Dongliang) wrote:
> All I'd like to do is to compile mono for arm linux. 

Noted ;)

> Any suggestions? Or
> an easy way to achieve that?

I just realised - you'll want to use


instead of


Although there may still be a problem, and this applies to
cross-compilation using autotools. autoconf attempts to build and _run_
some executables as part of the configuration process. If those binaries
are ARM, then your machine will complain (ISA wakarimasen).

The scratchbox project sidesteps this by using qemu-arm to run the small
binaries that autoconf generates = autoconf none-the-wiser = ready to

For your target, you'll need linux running first. If it is, then you've
probably got an SDK for your embedded system. If you do, find the
instructions for cross-compiling and go for it.

Hope this has helped a bit - cross-compilation can be a rough ride
sometimes, hence the number of projects dedicated to easing the pain :)

> Thanks,
> Dongliang


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