[Mono-list] Question about the lifetime of libraries loaded by a p/invoke

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Jul 21 18:56:58 EDT 2008

Maser, Dan wrote:
>   The simple question is this:  When a .dll or .so is loaded by the
> framework as the result of a p/invoke is that library guarenteed to stay
> loaded for the duration of the hosting process?  Or can the framework
> unload the dll if it wants to?  Is there anything in a spec that
> indicates a standard behavior?  I've been trying to get this from the
> microsoft documentation but I can't seem to find anything.

On MS.NET and Mono, P/Invoke libraries are treated like a compile
time assembly reference and are never unloaded.

If you want to unload native libraries you have to handle them
with the machinery provided by the OS (dlopen, dlclose, LoadLibrary,


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