[Mono-list] Stability problem under linux MDV 2008 Cooker

Petit Eric surfzoid at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 08:23:33 EDT 2008

2008/7/15 Alessandro Vesely <vesely at tana.it>:
> Petit Eric wrote:
>> 2008/7/15 Alessandro Vesely <vesely at tana.it>:
>>> Hi Eric,
>>>>> However, I found out the hard way that setting G_SLICE=debug-blocks is
>>>>> a
>>>>> requirement for no-nonsense debugging with mono.
>>>> Hé hé , yu think ishould do that ?
>>> If there is a chance that a bug depends on a C written function,
>>> absolutely
>>> yes.
>> Yes i have a managed C program (obexftp), can yu say me if i need to
>> compile the C programe with G_SLICE=debug-blocks or in environment or
>> when compiling Mono ?
> After compiling a managed C (i.e. C#) program one can always make sure that
> the compilation is correct by inspecting the assembly. When running it,
> [plain, i.e. unmanaged] C code supervises the execution. In normal C code,
> releasing a non-allocated memory block results in a core dump. In mono
> without debug-blocks, glib blindly accepts any released memory for later
> reallocation. That may result in overlapping variables at some further point
> during the execution.
>> Better , do yu know a link with TODO to do that step by step
> running "env G_SLICE=debug-blocks mono my.exe" would suffice for dismissing
> an occasional doubt. However, I'd recommend setting "export
> G_SLICE=debug-blocks" in a developer's .bashrc. The point is that, even if
> memory errors a quite uncommon, one of them is enough for all bets to be
> off. That's what managed code is all about.
>> it is
>> true i really need to see wath happen in the C code, a Valgrind for
>> Mono should be very nice
> Although mono can be instrumented with Valgrind tools, as mentioned in
> http://www.mono-project.com/Debugging, that is likely to cause performance
> degradation on a different scale w.r.t. glib internal checking (noticeable
> vs. unnoticeable).
I will try all this, as soon as possible.
molte grazie
> Ciao
> Ale



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