[Mono-list] Stablity and usability

Maxim Karavaev makska at yandex.ru
Wed Jan 30 14:52:27 EST 2008


Since my latest message about setting up hosting on Mono we've done some steps to localize problems.
Thanks a lot to all Mono team for suggestions!

The fist we've found that all problems not depends on Linux distribution (we use Gentoo and Fedora).

The second we've found that some of the stability problems depends on MySQL data provider (taken from mysql.org website), may be reason of it is the problem described here: http://www.mono-project.com/ThreadPool_DeadLocks. We switch our applications (CMS) to older version of MySQL data provider and its become much more stable.
Also we've added "MONO_THREADS_PER_CPU=2000" to all mono vhosts in apache, it increased stability too.

But one problem with stability still persist.
One of the hosted web-applications randomly become hang (usually most loaded application) and GDB automatically starts for it. 
Due to it all other web-sites in several minutes become "Service temporary unavailable" too.
This situation happens without any messages in apache, system and application logs!!
This problem is very hard to reproduce and we still can't understand reason. May be reason is in the code of our CMS.
I've repeated situation similar to that on developer machine, but the only I can get is short message "EXCEPTION handling: IOException" when I run mod-mono-server2 with "--trace=" option.
We can try to get dump from GDB if it helps to recognize reason of problem.

Also I have a question related to usability of Mono.
Is there any information when Mono Debugger is plan to be released? It's a biggest obstacle for many .Net developers to switch to Mono and Linux. Developing of Win- and Web- application without debugger takes too much time.

Thanks a lot for any information!

Max Karavaev

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