[Mono-list] OpenSuse Mono VMware image feedback

Swaminathan Saikumar swami at giveexam.com
Sun Jan 27 18:25:14 EST 2008


I am from the Windows/ASP.NET world & just starting out with Mono. I tried
out the OpenSuse Mono VMware image. Here's my feedback based on my first

   1. Apache with Mono: Most deployment environments run on Apache with
   Mono. If this VM image can have such an environment available by default, in
   addition to testing, it will be useful for testing real-world deployments.
   2. VMware Tools: The mouse usage is clunky on Ubuntu Gutsy. It will be
   nice if you have VMware tools installed by default.
   3. Postgres: For us coming from the Sql Server world & GUI tools, a
   Postgres installation with PgAdmin for managing them will be very useful.

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