[Mono-list] Differences between Mono 1.2.6 and .NET 2.0

Daniel B. Hobbs daniel.b.hobbs at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 14:27:56 EST 2008

I am new to the list here and I am very impressed and excited about
the work that has been done so far.  I am in the process of porting my
company's web application to run on Mono and as expected I have run
into a few issues.

The web application uses a web.sitemap file which we manipulate in
memory to display dynamic menus and breadcrumbs.  The code we use
works in .NET 2.0 but when run on Mono a NotSupportedException("Can't
modify a readonly list." ) is thrown.  It confuses me how this would
work on .NET but not on Mono.

Our code looks like this:
SiteMapNode clone = SiteMap.CurrentNode.Clone(true);
clone.Title = newTitle;

SiteMapNode parentNode = clone.ParentNode;

if(parentNode != null){
... // do work on the child nodes

When I run the above code with the Visual Studio debugger the
clone.ParentNode.ChildNodes is NOT read-only, which makes sense as
it's an in memory copy and can be modified.  If I'm wrong how else can
you change a SiteMapNode in memory?  Maybe I'm missing something.


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