[Mono-list] [Cocoa-sharp] how can i integrate cocoa# into xcode

Manuel de la Pena etil15 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 14:24:49 EST 2008

Hi guys,

Seems that we have some communication problems at cocoa-sharp... (big  
ones I'd say) We have two different mailing lists :

cocoa-sharp at lists.ximian.com
cocoa-sharp-dev at googlegroups.com

I really don't understand the mailing list situation:

As in other project we have a dev and non-dev group, but clearly cocoa  
should not have a non-dev group. Think about it, we have evolution and  
evolution-dev. The evolution one is for the evolution users while  
evolution-dev is for the developers, but in our case we have  
developers in both sides. Do we really want the non-dev one since  
cocoa is a library anyway. On top of this we are having discussions  
about similar things in both and I think things are getting out f hand.

On the google one a couple of us have been talking about how to write  
some proper documentation, I have offer to use my server to held the  
project (500 gb per moth bandwidth etc.. ) and I don't mind paying  
that. But we seriously have to sort out the group!!!!

I know that there is people that want to help the group and work a lot  
but we first have to fix all the problems we have and centralize all  
the info of the project. We have potential coders with the skills but  
when they see this situation they get scared.

We need to discuss a solution... please replay to both mailing lists  
so everyone reads it until we decide which one to use.



PS: For the time being I recommend everyone to read both.

PS 2: I've also posted this at the mono lists to get some help from  
our big brothers at mono, I'm sure they can give us a hand.

On 18/01/2008, at 18:08, Andreas Färber wrote:

> Hey,
> Am 18.01.2008 um 17:32 schrieb marc hoffman:
>> I'd love to help out if i can. I've already looked into getting some
>> of this
>> stuff working in Xcode 3 a while back but iirc it failed on the
>> langspec, and i
>> couldn't figure out what part it didn't like anymore :(. If you have
>> anything
>> that works better than what's in SVN now, i'd love to have a look.
> I'm still at the stage that I don't see anything of what I've written
> in Xcode, no new menu item.
>> Out of curiosity: are you baisn gyour work on any official or semi-
>> official
>> documentation that might be out there (i couldn’t find any on ADC),
>> or are you
>> too just doing this by trial-and-error and the few unofficial infos
>> that Google
>> serves up (such as http://maxao.free.fr/xcode-plugin-interface/index.html)?
> I am not aware of any documentation other than Damien's, and that was
> not even up-to-date for 2.3. Moreover I see his headers for native
> ObjC code as problematic (they are GPL, thus any code derived from it
> becomes GPL while Xcode is not GPL; depending on interpretations, this
> can be regarded as violation) and instead had a BSD-ish plugin based
> on Cocoa-sharq; the accompanying spec files were integrated with
> bridged ObjC code, and ObjC is the part we can pretty much dump first
> when a new version is out... I used a managed framework to inspect the
> available classes, their methods and then probed all interesting
> parameters, and in the end some trial-and-error. I'd like to avoid
> that work for now!
> So currently I am trying to deploy my draft spec files to /Developer/
> Library/Xcode/Specifications but I'm not sure if they are even being
> picked up there, there are only xctxtmacro files and an xcplugin
> there. (it would've been handy)
> There are some files in /Developer/Library/PrivateFrameworks/
> DevToolsCore.framework/Resources that look the same as in Xcode 2.4
> (pb*spec). XcodeEdit.Framework has differing "xclangspec" files.
> ASKPlugin uses an xcspec file containing an old-style language
> definition (referring to a custom native scanner).
> Looking at the existing local Xcode files is the closest thing to
> "documentation" I currently have.
> Regards,
> Andreas
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