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Hi Dédé,

I tried to get the library mono compliant and made some test on that.
I removed the PInvoke calls ... on .NET that doesn't make the difference... it still works 
Sadly to say but on mono the designer absolutely doesn't work (I tested mono 1.2.6 on 
W2K), too many features are still lacking or not properly working (... even if MoMa 
doesn't report it at all...) . Some example:
.) The edit toolbar, nested into a tab page, doesn't appear.
.) Dragging from a tree view causes a strange MessageBox error (something like an exception).
.) Print Preview stalls causing a huge memory amount consumption ( I had to stop it manually).
.) Some offset into the designer control positions

... and many others .. I suppose ...

So definitely not mono compliant ...



Damien DALY wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks, I will try the libs.
> For your P/Invoke, maybe they are here to get the hard physical
> margins of the printer (the area where the printer will never print).
> The managed printing API doesn't care about hard margins. So if you
> set a magin of 0 into your managed code, you will always have a few
> millimeters (depending printer model) from your paper border.
> With the GetDeviceCaps(), you can get the hard margin values, and thus
> compute the right margin value.
> Dédé
> 2008/1/10, Webring NDATECH <webring at ndatech.it>:
>> Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>>> Hey,
>>>> I wrote something like that some month ago . You can find it here
>>>> http://www.codeproject.com/KB/printing/ReportPrintingFramework.aspx .
>>>> Sadly my work and the core printing library still lack support for mono :( .
>>>> I checked with MOMA for a older mono version (I think 1.2.4) and some features were missing.
>>>> Anyway both my work and the printing library are BSD licensed, maybe you have room for
>>>> porting them to mono (This is in my todo list ... but I'm too busy now and I don't know
>>>> when that will be accomplished )
>>> Would you mind sending me your latest ZIP file and perhaps an updated
>>> Moma report for it?
>>> Miguel
>> Hi Miguel,
>> you can download latest ZIP files from
>> http://www.codeproject.com/KB/printing/ReportPrintingFramework.aspx or in alternative from
>> http://www.ndatech.it/en/other_software.aspx
>> I just scanned the assemblies with latest MoMA  and I'm happy to see that all the missing
>> parts has been implemented :)
>> That's the report:
>> MoMA Scan Results
>> Scan time: 10/01/2008 8.30.02
>> For descriptions of issues and what to do, see
>> http://www.mono-project.com/MoMA_-_Issue_Descriptions.
>> ReportPrintingFramework.dll
>> No Issues Found
>> ReportPrinting.dll
>> P/Invokes into native code
>> Calling Method  P/Invoke Method External DLL
>> Class ReportPrinting.PrinterMarginInfo:
>> void .ctor(int) Int16 GetDeviceCaps(int, Int16) gdi32.dll
>> void .ctor(int) Int16 GetDeviceCaps(int, Int16) gdi32.dll
>> void .ctor(int) Int16 GetDeviceCaps(int, Int16) gdi32.dll
>> void .ctor(int) Int16 GetDeviceCaps(int, Int16) gdi32.dll
>> void .ctor(int) Int16 GetDeviceCaps(int, Int16) gdi32.dll
>> void .ctor(int) Int16 GetDeviceCaps(int, Int16) gdi32.dll
>> As you can see still persist some P/Invoke in the core printing library ReportPrinting.dll
>> (that isn't my work ... I wrote ReportPrintingFramework.dll, a software layer based on
>> ReportPrinting.dll).
>> Anyway the ReportPrinting.dll source is available (frome the above links too), so I'm
>> confident that the P/Invokes may be easily substituted with some other managed call. Any
>> suggestion ?
>> Nicola
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>> http://www.ndatech.it
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