[Mono-list] Webservices and return data types

Oleg Deribas thisaddressisnotmine at td.selfip.net
Tue Jan 15 19:17:32 EST 2008

Bálint Kardos wrote:

> The only problem was when I've tried to
> connect to this web service from Visual Studio, it said when i've
> tried to add a web reference:
> The document at the url http://xxxxxxxxx.hu/WebShop.asmx was not
> recognized as a known document type.

> However by explicitly calling the Url http://xxxxxxxx.hu/WebShop.asmx?disco
> Visual Studio finally was able to use all functions from the service.

Very clever! I will try that too. Thank you!

> I saw that I mcs is still unable to build this web service on the
> linux, but who cares, we can build it with the ms frameworks build
> tools (without VS) :D

Why can't you build web service with mcs? I'm compiling my web service 
on linux. I just had to create nant build file.


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