[Mono-list] FileSystemWatcher

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Mon Jan 14 13:25:40 EST 2008

pjd wrote:
> With mono 1.2.6 the program starts but crashes as soon as the filesystem
> watcher detects any changes in the directory it monitors. I can't give the
> error message because windows can't copy from a command prompt but there are
> a lot of references to C:\cygwin\tmp\... I don't know why this is as you are
> not supposed to need cygwin to run mono.

The references are actually part of the backtrace containing
the original source code file names used to build the Mono version
distributed with the installer. The build is performed in c:\cygwin\tmp
on the build machine.

Of course you can copy from the command prompt: click on the system
menu of the console window, then on "Edit", then on "Mark".


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