[Mono-list] Irony

James Mansion james at mansionfamily.plus.com
Sat Jan 12 03:41:03 EST 2008

Thomas Wiest wrote:
> To see if it "should" run, you can use Moma:
>     http://mono-project.com/Moma
> To see if it does run (easily), you can use our Mono VMWare image:
>     http://mono-project.com/Downloads
If I was prepared to spend time doing that sort of thing, I'd test it 

Look - I was just asking whether anyone else had tried it.  If the 
answer is 'no' then
that's fine.

Please don't respond to a question about whether you know something, 
with instructions
on how I can find that something out.  You don't know and that's fine.  
nobody knows.  That's fine too.

Its only one step up from 'fix it yourself and send us the patch', after 
all, and that's a
good way to put potential users off.
> Hope this helps,
> Thomas
I appreciate its an attempt to be positive, but as I say I think its an 
answer to something
I didn't ask.  If I had said 'how do I work around the lack of an up to 
date mono
on my platform to test this' then that would be much more appropriate.

As it is, I doubt I'm alone in currently having no interest in actually 
running mono, but
a significant interest in keeping an eye on whether it handles (and does 
so with reasonable
performance) the sort of thing I might be interested in.  I'm not even a 
current Irony
user, or indeed doing much dev on C# at all at the moment.  But I do try 
to keep an
open mind for platform for future projects.  Some of the features in C# 
are very
attractive, after all.


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