[Mono-list] [ANN] Specter BDD Framework 0.8 release

Cedric Vivier cedricv at neonux.com
Wed Jan 9 09:13:43 EST 2008

Hi everyone!

I'm happy to announce the release of Specter 0.8, a behavior-driven
development framework for the CLI, powered by Boo meta-programming

Wonder what does it look like ? Check out a specification example at :
(both specification and implementation are in Boo in this example, however
one can specify C# implementations or any other .NET language).

New in this release :

- works with recent Boo releases (actually Boo or superior is
- a spec can be compiled as a standalone runner assembly [1]
- specter-console tool.
- subject macro to mark which objects are the subject of your specification
moreover allowing the spec to be compiled even if the object doesn't
actually exist yet : subject foo = MyObject() [2].
- a priority can be set on a context (context "context description", 100:
)  [3]
- actual vs expected reports [3]
- human-friendly error messages for the most common spec syntax errors.
- nunit dependency is loaded automatically only if needed (no more "import
NUnit.Framework" or booc -r:nunit.framework).
- Specter can be installed into the GAC.
- build system now based on NAnt instead of #develop.
- new homepage and a mailing-list.

Try it while it's hot : http://specter.sourceforge.net/<http://specter.sf.net/>

[1] when a spec is compiled as an executable it will compile as a standalone

runner with no nunit dependency. If compiled as a library it will compile as

a nunit testsuite (for integration with existing third-party tools) ... both

can be run through specter-console though.
[2] the spec will compile and will throw a SubjectTypeNotFoundException or
SubjectConstructorNotFoundException at run-time if the type or specified
subject/constructor is not implemented yet.
[3] works when the spec is ran through standalone runner or specter-console.

Note to users of previous versions: you need to rename your
imports/references from Specter to Specter.Framework

Special thanks to the original author of Specter, Andrew Davey, who trusted
me to take care of the baby.
Thanks to Jeffery Olson for helping in testing.
Keep tuned on the mailing-list at :
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