[Mono-list] Bug in Mono Dns resolution (unable to connect to virtual machine)

Alexandre Miguel Pedro Gomes alexmipego at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 19:56:26 EST 2008


I've been trying to connect to an Sql Server instance inside a guest virtual
machine (VirtualBox) and using Ubuntu 7.10 as host. The networking is setup
using bridge utils as instructed by the VirtualBox manuals.

I was unable to connect getting several "Sql Server Not found" and timeouts
from the host but not from a separate windows box running .Net 2.0. I
tracked down the problem and found that the method GetHostEntry was recuring
an HostEntry with 1 and only 1 IP which was I assume this has
something to do with the bridge and the internal C mono code getting this IP
but after some trials with .Net to several machines and virtual machine with
similar configurations I found that .Net only returned the IP specified in
the parameters even if the host had more IPs attributed.

>From my observations, and that makes sense after all if one specifies an IP
there is no logic to try to get more IPs, I've created a patch that
successfully fixed my problem.

I've created bug #351908 (https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=351908)
and included the patch there.


Alexandre Gomes, Portugal
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