[Mono-list] GUI and virtual grid for new desktop application

Andrus Moor kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Fri Jan 4 11:26:37 EST 2008


> What visual representation you're after? Numbers/text like in a
> spreadsheet view?

This grid contains invoice headers, customers, items.
User can edit them directly in grid, each row is commited to database when 
moving out of row.

Desktop GUI issues in MONO:

WinForms - MONO WinForms does not have DataGridView nor its Virtual grid 
WinForms is no more developed by Microsoft. Even MonoDevelop itself does not 
use it.
So there is no future.

GTK # - No Virtual Grid support. Few use in .NET applications, no binding 
support. Less documentation, less samples, less users than WinForms

WPF - according to MONO Winforms mailing list will probably never 

So there is no reasonable desktop GUI in MONO .

Any idea how to resolve this crisis ?


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