[Mono-list] SharpOS 0.0.1 Release

Daniel Soto daniel.soto2k at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 14:23:14 EST 2008

I'm very impresionate... o.O

And... congratulations, i never guess that C# should be able to build an
operating system.

When i get a some of free time, i will try it.

Hopefully that Sharp OS to become a great project.

Again, congratulations. And follow the suggestion of Gavin Landon: Be
careful, because M$ will steal that idea. Take the precautions that

Best regards.

2008/1/2, William Lahti <xfurious at gmail.com>:
> 'm happy to announce that we have released version 0.0.1 of SharpOS,
> including our AOT compiler and a basic kernel with an interactive
> shell. This is a proof of concept release intended to gather
> awareness, support and participation from community members, so if you
> are interested in working on this project we encourage you to sign up
> for our mailing list. For those of you who don't know about SharpOS,
> it is a project to write an operating system purely in C#, which was
> actually spawned from the "Operating system in C#" thread on
> mono-devel-list. Although we don't have object instantiation or meta
> data embedding in our kernel yet, the release proves clearly that the
> concept is possible. Our next milestone focuses on supporting managed
> code in the kernel, as well as using that managed code to improve our
> current systems as much as possible.
> Our wiki and project management suite is at http://sharpos.org/.  Our
> file releases area at SourceForge
> (http://sourceforge.net/project/platformdownload.php?group_id=196652)
> contains tarballs and zips with source code, binaries, and disk images
> for testing. We've also got ISO images for trying SharpOS on real
> computers (that don't have floppy drives, that is), as well as the
> usual configurations for Bochs, VMWare, and Virtual PC.
> And have a wonderful new year everyone!
> PS: I've had a lot of trouble posting to the list because Postfix says
> the dates on the email are in the future??
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