[Mono-list] Mono crash on Xandros (ASUS eeepc)

Deadalus.ai deadalus.ai at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 23:53:46 EST 2008

I am having difficulties with the mono compiler hanging after an initial
first use.
I have written a short C# program which is tested and working:
//Hello world in C#
class Hello {
    static void Main()
    System.Console.WriteLine("Hello world!");
    test t = new test();
class test {
    public test()
  //empty constructor
    public int add(int inval, int outval)
  return(inval + outval);

On booting my machine, I run:
/home/user/source> mcs hello.cs

This will usually compile correctly, creating 'hello.exe' in the source
directory. However, if I attempt to recompile the source, or attempt to run:
/home/user/source> mono hello.exe

then mono hangs.
I then run the following in another terminal:
/home/user/source> ps e | grep mono

8037 pts/1    Zl+    0:00 [mono] <defunct>
 8252 pts/2    R+     0:00 grep mono

I am then able to kill the mono process, but running mono again will  fail.
On a reboot, I am able to either compile once or run a program once, before
the error occurs again.
I suspect another process I do not know about is causing this problem.
Please help me understand this error, and fix it.
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