[Mono-list] Cannot Print Landscape

Marc Glenn mjamon at ntsp.nec.co.jp
Wed Feb 27 21:00:39 EST 2008

Hello guys,

     I am using System.Drawing.Printing namespace to print a string in a 
*landscape* page orientation.
     I set the property *PrintDocument.DefaultPageSettings.Landscape* = 
true so the PrintDocument
     would print in *landscape*.

     I compiled it in Windows using SharpDevelop's .NET C# Compiler and 
it prints in landscape fine.
     But when I used *gmcs* to compile, it still prints in portrait 

     I am using *mono1.2.5.1 *in *win32. *I also compiled it in 
*mono1.9(Preview3)* but the same problem
     still occurs.

     Is this a bug of mono or am I just doing something wrong?
     I attached my source code. Please help me.

Thanking in advance,
Marc Glenn
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