[Mono-list] Request for Nested Masterpages + my mono wishlist

Swaminathan Saikumar swami at giveexam.com
Wed Feb 20 16:20:52 EST 2008


In ASP.NET 3.5, one feature that I find very useful is Nested Master
Pages.Hoping this feature will make it into one of the earlier mono

I like the responsiveness and support of the people in this forum. I have
decided to go with Mono with ASP.NET for
my venture. I am very new to Linux, and have loads to learn.

My wishlist so far:

   1. Nested Master Pages
   2. Compacting Garbage Collector
   3. Workflow Foundation with ASP.NET
   4. Web parts support. Once that is in place, enable Web parts for
   Mojoportal in the VM image.
   5. VM Image: Ajax samples. Preferably MojoPortal with Ajax support.
   6. VM Image: SCSI disk
   7. VM Image: VMware Tools
   8. VM Image: PgAdmin (preferably part of Yast's supported packages on
   9. VM Image: Sample NUnit GUI tests
   10. Updated roadmap on the wiki with realistic dates for expected
   11. Mono equivalent for .NET compact framework for mobile devices
   12. Ubuntu: Mono latest version releases
   13. Ubuntu: Monodevelop latest version releases
   14. Organized Wiki documentation with sitemap

Thanks everyone!
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