[Mono-list] [ANN] Smokey - bug and coding guidelines checker

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mbd at dbc.dk
Wed Feb 20 04:25:00 EST 2008

onsdag 20 Februar 2008 skrev José A. Salvador Vanaclocha:
> Just yesterday, I was began documenting myself to get that answer.
> I have not tried to get working smokey at cruise control, sincerally,I have 
to get working cruise control first. However I think it will bepossible 
through a especifically target at cruise control which does ainvoke to a 
executable file.
> But the true question is: If the cruise control is a tool which baseits work 
on a commit to the monitorized repository at CVS... Do wehave to put the 
assemblies on a CVS system??

What happens is, that CruiseControl (and other integration test systems) 
monitor your source code repo, and (depending on exact configuration) on 
changes to the repo, the changes are checked out, and the assemblies are 
build. After building, you can do several things, such as run a set of unit 
tests, or the FXCop program from Microsoft.

Since Smokey is an exe file, you would put the exe file on the CruiseControl 
server. The assemblies from your source code, would be build. You could then 
run Smokey on the assemblies, this is quite trivial. However, the non-trivial 
part is integrating Smokeys output into the CruiseControl webinterface (and 
mail, and so on). CruiseControl assumes XML output, that you tweak with 
stylesheets. CruiseControl has builtin support (via stylesheets) for e.g. 
NUnit. What I am looking for is support for Smokey. I am tempted to try and 
do it myself, but I do not have much experience with stylesheets and XML, so 
I was hoping perhaps someone else had taken a stab at it.



> 2008/2/18, Mads Bondo Dydensborg <mbd at dbc.dk>:> onsdag 06 Februar 2008 skrev 
Jesse Jones:> > Smokey is a command line tool used to analyze assemblies and 
report> > problems. Problems include buggy code (e.g. infinite recursion, 
null> > deref, malformed format string), performance issues (e.g. string> > 
concatenation in loops, excessive boxing, large structs), violations> > of 
the .NET design guidelines (e.g. inheriting from> > ApplicationException or 
ICloneable, naming, and swallowing> > exceptions), and miscellaneous rules 
like misspelled words in string> > literals.> >>> Hi there>> Just wanted to 
ask if anyone had done any work on integrating Smokey with> 
CruiseControl.net?>> Regards>> Mads>> --> Med venlig hilsen/Regards>> 
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