[Mono-list] [ANN] Smokey - bug and coding guidelines checker

Mads Bondo Dydensborg mbd at dbc.dk
Mon Feb 18 07:53:44 EST 2008

onsdag 06 Februar 2008 skrev Jesse Jones:
> Smokey is a command line tool used to analyze assemblies and report  
> problems. Problems include buggy code (e.g. infinite recursion, null  
> deref, malformed format string), performance issues (e.g. string  
> concatenation in loops, excessive boxing, large structs), violations  
> of the .NET design guidelines (e.g. inheriting from  
> ApplicationException or ICloneable, naming, and swallowing  
> exceptions), and miscellaneous rules like misspelled words in string  
> literals.

Hi there

Just wanted to ask if anyone had done any work on integrating Smokey with 



Med venlig hilsen/Regards

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