[Mono-list] RT Os and Mono

Lorenzo Viola info at eulogika.net
Sat Feb 16 06:35:43 EST 2008

> You can explicitly request a GC by calling System.GC.Collect(), but the
> GC can ignore your request.  Generally, it's not a good idea to
> explicitly force a GC, unless you know what you're doing.
great info, thank you =)

>> But IF I work by these terms :
>> - if the CPU and memory are fast and big enough (like being 10 times the
>> ususally needed cpu and memory by the application)
>> - if the GC could be forced to start at secure-time-known idle times
>> - if the application has been tested and kept as simple as possible not
>> to start any unhandled exception , or unpredictable situation
>> Would you still not trust such a RT application ?
> I would trust it more than the un-GC'd equivalent.  The reason?  Heap

Did you ever tried making a classic (even of very high quality 
components) ITX PC
into a RealTime box ?

I think it's really important to hear other people experience on such a 
tricky argument
(in italy, we say it like "walking on eggshells" )

For decades, PLC have been running 24x7 inside factories...
but their software are very simple, and the ide...where is the ide ?
Won't it be great to be able to evolve from such a situation, been able
to write complex software on RT realiable machines ?

Perhaps it isn't even possible...it could be a paradox, trying to write 
a complex
application on a simple machine...
but if it works..............
>> What also could go wrong ?
> Don't tempt fate. :-)
good point, but we won't be here developing software if sometimes we
don't challenge our fortune =^P

Best Regards !

"To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often."
"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
Winston Churchill

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