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Lorenzo Viola info at eulogika.net
Fri Feb 15 14:29:52 EST 2008

Chris Howie ha scritto:
> On Fri, Feb 15, 2008 at 1:08 PM, Lorenzo Viola <info at eulogika.net> wrote:
>>  btw , what do you mean for implicit boxing ? is it a sort of unwanted
>>  recursion ?
> Boxing happens when you store a value type in an object reference,
> e.g. in C# doing "object o = 1;", a new object is contained to hold
> the boxed Int32.
Really ? Garbage collection could be triggered even by this "event" ?
this is not good.................

the problem for me on this cases arises because I'd like to try building
up a PLC-like pc (like a fanless ITX) working with usual standard analog
output cards...
there are (at some degree) low-level drivers for these cards, and so
it could be an option to compile already-windows-written code on
a linux (or other mono compatible OS) machine, which would be more
reliable than the windows counter-part...

I think that the market should be now mature to offer the hardware needed
to remove PLC systems, what it is needed is a OS and easy to use
language (aside from labview for RT or similar)...

Some thoughts : could it be a solution, and would it be possible,
for RT appliances, to disable GC in some way, re-compiling the framework ?
or, if it can't be disabled, if the cpu is free enough, it would be perhaps
possible to run the GC at very near scheduled times, to be sure that
no garbage would require more than the needed cpu ........

I would really like to introduce in some way a Mono solution to my
future "PLC" type projects.

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