[Mono-list] Stable version of Mono release-when?

Bálint Kardos kardosbalint at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 08:42:13 EST 2008

Hi Miguel,

my VirtualServer two cents goes for Lycos Europe; they have hosting
facilities all over Europe (I use UK and German servers).

More info: http://webhosting.lycos.co.uk/business/comparevds/
(prices are different from country to country)

They host Debian Woody / Debian Sarge / Fedora Linux / RedHat 9.0 / Mandriva
LE 2005.

When it comes to the question of Mono, I install the packages from the
official mono site without any problems on Debian/Fedora vservers.


with regards

Kardos Bálint

On 04/02/2008, Miguel de Icaza <miguel at novell.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> > why don't you deploy your stuff at a linux/unix virtual server? you
> > can have one from €10 or less/mo, and you can install whatever you
> > want.
> > in europe i've several nodes running fedora / freebsd / ubuntu, all
> > works well from the deb/rpm packages downloaded from the official mono
> > site.
> It would be useful to have a list of providers that provide this
> functionality.
> In the US a popular hosting service that will let you do this is
> Linode.com
> Miguel.
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