[Mono-list] xsp2 not working

Boris Wilhelms mail at wille-zone.de
Sat Dec 27 05:59:48 EST 2008


I installed mono + xsp2 + mod_mono, etc...

When I now run xsp2 and open the URL http://host:8080 I get the following  
message from the console:

host:/home/www/web5/html/Test# xsp2
Listening on address:
Root directory: /home/www/web5/html/Test
Listening on port: 8080 (non-secure)
Hit Return to stop the server.
Handling exception type DllNotFoundException
Message is libc
IsTerminating is set to True

How can I see which Dll is not found or is it a libc problem?

Anyone can help me?

Kind regards

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