[Mono-list] Run C# app on the server

Danny dgortonii at gmail.com
Fri Dec 26 10:04:14 EST 2008

Well, it is confusing - at least until you understand it.  I'd always 
noticed it, but never realized what it was.  At least now I understand 
it and can try to not add undue clutter.  There's nothing more annoying 
when you're in hot pursuit.

Anyway, thanks for the education Sandy.

Chris Howie wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 24, 2008 at 4:04 PM, Sandy Armstrong
> <sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm sure he did...this looks like somebody is just now approving the
>> Nabble post, which until now showed up in the forum but not on the
>> mailing list.  The responses from a few days ago were probably also made
>> in the forum (but the posters were already approved, so you saw their
>> posts on the list).
>> Just clarifying in case anybody else found it confusing...
> This seems to happen a lot and it's extremely confusing to me at
> least.  It's a shame that new technologies like Nabble are making
> mailing lists more difficult to use.

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