[Mono-list] How to debug SOAP webservice

Andrus kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Wed Dec 24 07:22:34 EST 2008


> Keep the debug="true" in web.config and go to
> http://yourserver/yourservice.asmx then find the page that allows you to
> invoke the web service using HTTP and run it. You should get the actual
> stack trace in your browser.

Thank you.
I have tried it several times wihout success:

1. Opening this test causes exception which I reported in


This issue is also described  by other in mono asp.net mailing list.

I tried to add


to web.config fix this but currently the exception still occurs always (bug 
report erroneously states that this fixes issue).
I have tried to copy DefaultWsdlHelpGenerator.aspx to appl home directory
and use relative url but error still occurs.

Also, adding <webServices> element causes exception if same web.config is
used by silverlight application.
asp .net 3.5 seems to require config sections and does not allow
<webServices> element like mono allows

I believe the webServices section actually refers to WSE 
 which was part of 3.0 but removed from 3.5.

 No idea how to use same web.conf  in both cases.

2. My webservice has method which has out int parameter. asp .net does not
allow to call such method from test page.
So I'm not sure that MONO test page allows to call it.

3. Similar errors may occur in customer sites as runtime. I'm looking a way
to get stack trace back to caller.
In this service caller silverlight application can log those errors to
Currently this requires creating wrapper method which uses try catch to
catch errors and add out parameter to every webmethod to return stack trace.
This is very ugly.

No idea how to fix those issuses.


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