[Mono-list] Download assemblies instead of building them ?

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sun Dec 21 10:48:42 EST 2008

Stefan F. wrote:
> Hallo all,
> Mono has a component oriented architecture like .NET. 
> In my opinion many assemblies should be indepedent of processor and
> operating system.

They are.

> That's why I'm looking for precompiled assemblies instead of going through
> the hassles of parallel building environments, commandline nightmares etc.

Neither Mono nor MS.NET encourages users to replace system
assemblies. OTOH, it's perfectly fine to use this approach
with applications built for Mono/MS.NET, but this does not
apply to the runtime itself.

> ... but cannot find anything ... are we not a step further than plain C
> sourcecode ?

You're confused.

Anyway, if you insist to hose your system you may want to search
for "daily packages/builds" on Mono's WiKi.


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