[Mono-list] Type conversion trouble

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Dec 16 10:22:17 EST 2008

Wolfgang Schulze-Zachau wrote:
> Cannot convert 'Amino.Common.IProjectNodeData' expression to type
> 'Amino.Common.IProjectNodeData' (CS1503).
> Now this is where the fun starts:
> 1.) The error message doesn't make any sense to me. The two types are
> exactly the same. There should be no need to do any conversion?????

This error usually occurs if the same source file is included into
2 different assemblies. The types declared in this file will be
totally different and incompatible. This is by design of .NET
and C# compiler's type resolution.

In your case, the file implementing "Amino.Common.IProjectNodeData"
is probably duplicated and included by 2 or more assemblies.


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