[Mono-list] Mono AOT Mode - Limitations

Gluber bernhardglueck at bluelogic.at
Mon Dec 15 15:48:01 EST 2008

Hi there !

After the recent superb talk by miguel at PDC about Mono/AOT and the
(secret) work they have done on certain Game Console Platforms i decided to
prototype a fully Managed Game Engine. ( At my day job we do this kind in
native C++ of course ) 

I am now thinking about the features of the .NET platform i can actually use
to make sure I support full Mono AOT for possible console compilation

Forbidden for sure:

* Dynamic Code Generation 
( Reflection.Emit, CSharp CodeDOM Compiler, XmlSerializer, WCF Proxies, AOP
etc.. all )
* Expression Trees that are executed ( since Expression.Compile generates
code at runtime of course ) 
* Some Advanced class library parst ( WCF,WPF, etc don't make sense for a
console game anyhow ) 
* No dynamic (file based ) loading of assemblies

Questionable areas:

* Reflection ( especially calling methods via MethodInfo etc ) 

Could anyone confirm or deny my suspicions ? 

It would also be interesting to know how the garbage collector works in full
AOT mode..
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