[Mono-list] Problem getting Mono debugger mdb working

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 22:55:07 EST 2008

Tobi wrote:
> Hello!
> I have a hard time debugging some Mono runtime errors and wanted to give
> the Mono Debugger a try.
> I'm running the latest SVN version of Mono and the debugger installed to
> /opt/mono-trunk on a Debian Lenny / AMD64.
> Even a with simple "Hello World", mdb causes a SIGSEGV as soon as I try to
> run the program:
>     [mono-trunk] /tmp @ gmcs -debug+ HelloWorld.cs
>     [mono-trunk] /tmp @ mdb ./HelloWorld.exe

I don't know much about the debugger, but don't you need to run "mono
HelloWorld.exe" instead of "./HelloWorld.exe"?


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