[Mono-list] Gtk Fixed Z-order

nickstaves at codesnippersteam.com nickstaves at codesnippersteam.com
Fri Dec 12 08:20:31 EST 2008

Thanks. But unfortunately this property does not working in WinXP
(mono-2.0 gtksharp-2.10.4) but - I agree it's working in Linux, at least I
have tried in mono 2.0.1

Anyway - I think Dialog is not that way. Because, if I'll manage to do
smth with Fixed container (or smth else) I could create "slide pannel"
that could smoothly slide from right edge of the main window. Thats next
feature that planned to be inside my app.

So... maybe somebody know how to resolve the problem?


> Without a frame I'm not sure, but if you set the Dialog's TransientFor
> property to the parent Window you want it to cover, clicking the
> parent will instead raise both the parent and the Dialog, in that
> order.  (In other words, it will never allow the parent, disabled
> Window from being raised above the Dialog.)
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