[Mono-list] Gtk Fixed Z-order

nickstaves at codesnippersteam.com nickstaves at codesnippersteam.com
Fri Dec 12 04:44:40 EST 2008

Dear All

I have a problem with z-order of widgets in Gtk.

I'm trying to show custom popup widget over the main window (for example
in the case of error). I have used Fixed widget and placed there hidden
popup VBox and main VBox which is contain all the main win widgets. When I
want to imitate popup I just show "popup VBox" and reset Sensitive
property of the "main VBox". As result I see popup over main win and main
"win is disabled" until I response to the popup.
That's working fine except there is a problem with several widgets.
First I faced TreeView widget that is appearing on the top every time,
although it's laying in the "main VBox" which should be UNDER "popup
VBox". And for example Button widget appear under "popup VBox" as expected
Googling I have found another description of the same problem


And there are even more widgets "Gtk::Entry and Gtk::ProgressBar" with the
same behaviour

Could somebody help me (and not only me :)) with this?


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