[Mono-list] FreeTrain help wanted

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Fri Dec 5 20:55:10 EST 2008

Wow, I feel I am very much misread by this context-free quotation of
the only value, which originally meant to say as a non-replaceable
free software application. Just to prevent further misuse of my comments
by those who prefer negative interpretation.

Atsushi Eno

Free Gamer wrote:
> Quite some time ago I posted about FreeTrain on this list.
> Since then quite a bit happened with the project.  It's been pretty
> much fully translated, which is great .  However, porting to Linux has
> met with several obstacles.
> An SDL port was, after much effort, shown to be near-impossible due to
> Winforms and SDL not able to work together in the same Window.  The
> developer of the Tao project tried and failed with this, so it's
> simply a no-go.
> However AgateLib looks a lot more promising.  It's a 2D game library
> based on FMOD and OpenTK - which works fine with Winforms.
> I created a branch here:
> https://freetrain.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/freetrain/branches/FreeTrainAgate
> Sadly I am way out of my depth and it's unlikely that I'll ever be
> versed enough in both game development and .NET/Mono to make any
> progress because, outside of FreeTrain, I just don't work with the
> platform.
> If there is any half-competent .NET developer who wants to see a great
> FOSS .NET game running on Mono - a complete and impressive game or, to
> quote Atsushi Eno, "*the only* valuable .NET application for years" -
> then this is an opportunity to help that happen.
> FreeTrain:
> http://freetrain.sourceforge.net/
> Forums:
> http://freetrain.sourceforge.net/forum
> Thanks for reading, please pass on the request to anybody you think
> might be interested.  It'd be great to have this game running on
> Linux, if not to showcase Mono, then just to have another cool game on
> the scene.
>  - Charlie

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