[Mono-list] Question on Mono and Visual Studio.net

Joe Audette joe_audette at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 2 05:31:09 EST 2008

Hi Jack,

In mojoPortal we create parallel MonoDevelop projects and solution
file (though MonoDevelop could just use the same projects and solution
as VS so you may not need to do this) because we sometimes need to do
things differently on the Mono side. It works ok for us but there are
some things to consider.
1. I don't think its yet possible to debug ASP.NET or step through the
code using MonoDevelop. A work around is logging with log4net but its
a big disadvantage.
2. If you're planning to use the latest greatest .NET 3.5 stuff or the
beta MVC stuff you're going to run into not yet implemented or
supported things.
3. If your project is going to use ASP.NET webparts its not supported.
4. You will occasionally run into bugs where things work on the
windows side but not on Mono. Reporting these will help Mono improve.

If you're an experienced developer in other languages and experienced
with Linux you may be able to do it, but if its all new to you, you
are making the learning curve much steeper for yourself, and it may be
more productive to just use VS. I will say, myself, I am able to work
on mojoPortal from Linux with MonoDevelop, but I use VS day to day for
most things because its more productive for me.

Hope it helps,


On Tue, Dec 2, 2008 at 1:31 AM, Jack Schmidt <thejackschmidt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you for the swift response, Abe.  I will take a closer look on
> mojoportal in the coming days.  It does seem like they do not have much of a
> discussion as to how I or my co-developers should take to ensuring MD and
> VS.NET play nicely.
> I found this article on the Mono Project which seems to cover a more general
> discussion in terms of programming practices.  Are there anymore specifics?
> http://mono-project.com/Guidelines:Application_Portability
> It does seem from that project that it is entirely possible so I find that a
> bit of good news.  I wonder how much trouble this is going to be for me or
> my developers.  It would be reassuring if I can grasp how and what I should
> be doing to make this a reality for me.
> P.S.  I am sorry that I'm having great difficulty with replying on mailing
> lists, it seems that Gmail bungles up on the reply-to information.  Thank
> you very much for the response.
> 2008/12/2 Abe Gillespie <abe.gillespie at gmail.com>
>> AFAIK, Joe Audette has been able to interoperate with MD and VS.NET on
>> his mojoPortal project for some time now.  It might be worth taking a
>> look at it:
>> http://www.mojoportal.com/
>> -Abe
>> On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 11:05 PM, Jack Schmidt <thejackschmidt at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > I'm soon going to be making preparations on learning .net and I'm
>> > wondering
>> > if it is possible to develop using both Mono and Visual Studio.  My
>> > co-developers are going to use VS.net (and Windows) as the development
>> > platform for a web-related project (I'd surmise we'll be using ASP.net)
>> > and
>> > I am wondering if it is possible that I can work with them and use Mono
>> > and
>> > MonoDevelop in Linux as my development platform while they continue to
>> > develop using VS.net.
>> >
>> > I hope someone can shed some light on this matter.
>> >
>> > Thank you all for taking the time to read this.
>> >
>> > Jack.
>> >
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