[Mono-list] web profile in asp.net 2.0 : compilation error

Damien maitredede at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 08:37:01 EDT 2008


I don't know if it is either a coding error of mine or a bug :

I have coded a web application (visual studio 2008) that uses membership,
roles and profiles componants from mysql (MySql.Web namespaces).

This app has a reference to another lib that contains a class "MyProfile"
that inherits from System.Web.Profile.ProfileBase.
It has one string property "MyProp" :
namespace MyNameSpace
public class MyProfile:ProfileBase
    public string MyProp
        get { return base["MyProp"] as string; }
        set { base["MyProp"] = value; }

In my app's web.config, I have in <system.web>:
<profile automaticSaveEnabled="true" enabled="true"
inherits="MyNameSpace.MyProfile, MyAssembly">

I have set the "inherits" value to type's fullname.

I publish my website to a mono server (ubuntu 8.04, apache 2, mono 1.2.6,
mod-mono 1.2.5-2).

When I try to see a webpage, I have a compilation error :

error CS0118: `MyNameSpace' is a `namespace' but a `type' was expected

Related line error :

Line 17: public class ProfileCommon : MyNameSpace.MyProfile, MyAssembly {

It seems that Mono auto-generate a ProfileCommon class with using value
contained in "inherits" attribute without taking in account that it is a
type full name..

So is it a coding error from me or a bug ? If a bug, only this version or
all versions ?


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