[Mono-list] NOOB Question

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Thu Aug 28 03:53:41 EDT 2008


> Folks, I am in need of some help.  I have been all over the internet
> and these forums looking for some answers, but I am afraid I can't find
> any.  My apologies if this has been covered already and my search skills
> stink.
> I have been asked to pursue a replacement for the front-end of a
> network node information PostGRES database we have running on a *nix
> Currently, the front-end is in an old and hokey version of Zope.  After
> looking around for a replacement CMS, and realizing that I would have
> to do a lot of programming anyways, I decided to just develop it in
> asp.net(vb). The situation is this: my test page works fine on my PC
(connects to
> the DB, gridview shows records, buttons for add/edit/delete work, etc) but
> don't have a single windows server on the platform.  So, I want to do a
> proof-of-concept to the powers that be with my existing page on my
> persnal *nix box.  Problem is, I am having nothing but problems porting
> application over.
> I installed what I believe to be all the necessary packages
> (mod_mono-1.2.1-1, mono-core-1.2.4-2, mono-data-postgresql-1.2.4-2,
> mono-basic-1.9-1, mono-web-1.2.4-2, mono-winforms-1.2.4-2, and
> mono-data-1.2.4-2)

Your versions are pretty mixed, you'll have a lot let problems if you use
the same version for all components (1.9.1). A lot of VB+aspx issues have
been fixed in mono-core since 1.2.4.

> and made the changes required per a few sites I
> found with some how-to's.  But, still no luck.  I am 99% sure that it is
> because of my ignorance that I am having these issues.  My personal *nix
> machine is running CentOS 5.2, and the development server is running
> So, here are my questions to you fine folks:
> 1.) When I am developing the page, am I better with a "code behind"
> style or "inline" for functionality with mono?
It shouldn't matter.

> 2.) When I copy the page over, do I copy over the entire directory?  Or
> just my aspx and .config files?
You'll need everything you need to run on Windows, if you have other
referenced assemblies or resources for instance you'll need to copy over
those too.

> 3.) Are there any limitations I need to know about in regard to mono
> and asp.net(vb)?
It should be compatible, otherwise it's a bug.

> I can post code snippets, etc...  whatever is needed to work through
> these issues so that I can harness the power of asp.net(vb) for this
> as opposed to something like Drupal or Joomla.

It would be a lot easier to help if you explained the issues (error
messages, etc) :)


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