[Mono-list] ASP (Visual Basic); vbnc vs mbas; was C++/CLI

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Thu Aug 28 03:45:02 EDT 2008


> Hi all,
> I have read that to get a Visual Basic ASP site working with mono on
> linux, I need to install mbas, the mono visual basic compiler.
> The mono visual basic compiler that I have managed to install is called
> "vbnc".  Are vbnc and mbas the same thing, and if not, which one do I
> need?
mbas was the first VB compiler mono had (a fork from mcs, the C# and written in C), while vbnc is the second (written in VB and from scratch). Since vbnc supports VB8, and mbas only VB7, it was decided to discontinue mbas and use vbnc only.

This also means that if you have old versions of mono installed, it will try looking for mbas when compiling aspx pages with VB code (< 1.2.3 I think the switch was made). I recommend using the newest mono version though (either 1.9.1 or the 2.0 beta), since quite a few issues have been fixed since when we started using vbnc.


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