[Mono-list] Microsoft PDC 2008 - Official or Offsite Sessions?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Aug 20 15:37:02 EDT 2008


    I just looked into this.

    This year they have this thing called "Open Spaces", so what we
could do is grab a time to discuss Mono at the PDC and just have people
get together there.

    When we went to the Mix conference, the open spaces, were literally
open spaces.   There is not really a room, and it is a bit noisy as
there are many other groups meeting at the same time, next with an expo,
but that could work.

    Hosting an event outside the PDC has a major problem: you have to
compete with all kinds of parties and events that people throw.   The
year we did our Mono off-site at the PDC, we resorted to student-like
awareness raising activities by giving pamphlets to people to attend our
show.   It was fun and exhausting.  

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