[Mono-list] New open source .NET project proposal

Massimiliano Mantione massi at ximian.com
Wed Aug 20 10:23:51 EDT 2008

On Tue, 2008-08-19 at 21:59 +0200, Petit Eric wrote:
> I have made RPM for MonoOSC at this repository, but if i install
> opensuse 11.0 and start yast to add software, i didn't see MonoOSC,
> what is the way to see it like osc tool ?

Yast (or just zypper) only shows software found in repositories that the
user has configured (and enabled).

IMHO, by far the easiest way to install your software is to go here:


and put "MonoOSC" in the search bar, which finds the package

Then you can use the "1 click install" from the browser, which (by
default, but optionally) will also add the repository to the ones
registered with zypper).

Once the repository is enabled it also works through yast/zypper.


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