[Mono-list] Can run mono once and only once ( From strange to bizzare and beyond ).

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Aug 19 09:44:47 EDT 2008


simozzer wrote:
> Wow this is becoming freaky. 
> Further to the lockup which I previously reported I've just discovered this
> strange behaviour: If I run my mono HelloWorld.exe through gdb and leave it
> paused at the first breakpoint (gdb receives a  - I can then run mono
> HelloWorld.exe as many times as i like outside the debugger. As soon as I
> let the version being debugged run till completion I can no longer run mono
> HelloWorld.exe without it locking up.
> There's something strange going on in the termination code but I cannot work
> out what. I'd like to report a bug but i would like it to be reproducable -
> has anyone else experienced these wierd little lockups?

Try `MONO_DISABLE_SHM=1 mono HelloWorld.exe'


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